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Jacob Bricca is an Associate Professor at the University of Arizona's School of Theatre Film and Television, where he teaches classes on film editing, documentary film production, and narrative film post-production. 

Editing Fundamentals

This is a workshop course that explores the theory, mechanics, conventions and aesthetics of film editing.  Students are instructed in the use of the Premiere Pro editing platform and led through a series of assignments focused on various challenges faced by film editors such as getting the most out of a performance; using rhythm and dynamics to create a purposeful flow of action in a scene; reflecting the tonal needs of a film through specific editing choices; and consistently exploiting the possibilities for narrative pleasure.

Documentary Production

Over the course of 15 intense weeks, students go from idea generation and go all the way to finished film on a short documentary project.  Along they way, they learn research techniques, pre-production fundamentals, interview skills, cinema verité shooting expertise, and a thorough set of editing strategies that help them build a strong final product.  The class begins with an overview of documentary modes and styles, and ends with a screening at Tucson's venerable Loft Cinema, a member of the Sundance Art House Project.

Senior Thesis Film: Postproduction

Senior BFA undergraduates take their thesis films from raw footage to finished film in this class, including detailed work on color grading, sound editing and mixing, and animated title creation.  Class meetings consist of hands-on editorial work, conceptual discussions about a film's tone and flow, work-in-progress screenings and critiques, individual project consultations, and lessons in the use of DaVinci Resolve and advanced lessons in Avid Media Composer. Films produced in this class have gone on to screen at the Berlin International Film Festival, the Sedona Film Festival, and the Napa Valley Film Festival.



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