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Directing & Producing Credits - Features

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Directors:  Lisa Molomot and Jeff Bemiss


• Funded by Fork Films, Perspective Fund, LEF Foundation, Mountainfilm, Human Rights POV, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the University of Arizona office of Research and Discovery, The Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism, and Hanson Film Institute.

• Missing in Brooks County follows the journey of two families who have come to Brooks County, Texas, to look for their loved ones who went missing. As they search for answers, they encounter a haunted land where death is a part of everyday life. A gripping documentary mystery, it is also a deeply humane portrait of the law enforcement agents, human rights workers, and activists who come face to face with the life and death consequences of a broken system.  



Director:  Jacob Bricca

Distributed by:  Passion River Films


• "A compelling study of a fascinating figure"  - Michael Gottwald, Beasts of the Southern Wild

• "A deeply personal family tale, it captures themes both universal and intimate"  - Katie Walsh, Indiewire

•  Official Selection at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival and 12 other film festivals


Kit Bricca was a leader of the Bay Area protest movements of the 1960s and 70s with a fierce passion for social justice, but found the transition from activist to breadwinner a challenging one. In this moving, psychologically complex documentary, filmmaker Jacob Bricca follows the extraordinary journey of his father Kit, a man whose uncompromising idealism changed the world but tore his family apart.


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THE HILL (2013)

Director:  Lisa Molomot

Disributed by:  WGBH/Boston, Cinema Guild


• "Potent and heartbreaking"  - Booklist

• "Amazing....deeply relevant"  - Dr. Dayna Keene, Yale School of Public Health

• Best Documentary Feature, Greenpoint Film Festival

• Broadcast on PBS's America Reframed

The City of New Haven claims it's using eminent domain to build a new school in the Upper Hill neighborhood, but are they just trying to sanitize the neighborhood for Yale University?    The Hill is a fascinating look at the complex issues surrounding urban planning, gentrification and economic renewal.  


Website                 Cinema Guild site



Director:  Jacob Bricca

Distributed by:  KTEH San Jose, Alexander St. Press, AK Press


• Best New England Film, Newburyport Documentary Film Festival

• Broadcast on KTEH San Jose

• Screened at Ethnographic Dreamworlds Sociology Conference & Connecticut Library Assn. Conference


In the span of just a decade, over half of the nation's independent bookstores vanished.  This revealing documentary tells the stories of three such stores fighting for survival and raises tough questions about the place of local culture in an increasingly homogenized world.


Website               Trailer

Directing & Producing Credits - Shorts

PURE (2006)

Director/Producer/Editor:  Jacob Bricca


• World Premiere at the 2008 Berlin International Film Festival
• 185K plays on Vimeo, profiled at and The Daily Beast

• Official Selection, Mill Valley Film Festival and eight other international film festivals


A meditation on violence and visual tropes at the movies, Pure celebrates the visceral pleasures of cinema. 



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Director/Producer/Editor:  Jacob Bricca


• World Premiere at The American Cinematheque, Los Angeles

• Director's Choice Award, 2003 Black Maria Film Festival

• Museum screenings in Krakow, Poland and Vienna, Austria


Documentary footage and clips from prime time TV are mixed ingeniously in this moody short film about suburban sprawl, globalization and war.



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Directors:  Liz Massie, Matthew Buzzell, Jacob Bricca

Distributed by:  Media Education Foundation


• Official Selection, Slamdance Film Festival, Dallas Video Festival, Docside Film Festival

• Sold as a companion volume to the bestselling Reviving Ophilia by Media Education Foundation


During the spring of 2000, eleven young girls were interviewed about their views on media culture and its impact on their lives.  Their provocative responses are juxtaposed with footage from a typical week of TV broadcasting and illuminate vital issues of sexism and exploitation in the media.




ALL OF IT (1996)

Director/Producer/Editor:  Jacob Bricca


• Silver Hugo for Editing, Chicago Intl. Film & Video Festival

• Grand Prize, Trimmer's Rock Film & Video Festival

• Official Selection at Big Muddy Film Festival & 7 other fests


A roller coaster ride tour through the sad and funny world of "Trash TV,” All Of It is a thought poem, a found footage collage, and a meditation on televisual culture circa 1996.  


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